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i love this game sm like omg! i think dylan may be my favourite tbh

also, whenever i press the history button it gives me an error screen saying "an exception has occurred" i thought u might like to know this

Thanks for your kind comment and the heads up!

Dylan is so cute! Boys who like make up are tots my type. ( im a male)

Happy to hear that, thank you for your kind comment!

i think i played through this in early 2021 or late 2020 for the first time and never ended up actually getting into it. but i recently played through it over this weekend and it ended up being very cute and i like it a lot :))) <3

I'm happy to hear you gave Belong another chance and that you enjoyed it in the end! Thank you for your kind comment, Ray!

This game is so much fun to play!! Dylan is my fav obvi

Hey there! I'm happy to hear you're enjoying yourself, thanks for your kind comment!


Whoa,thank you for the game,i really liked it.Flint best boi.


And thank YOU for the kind comment! William agrees


As others have mentioned there are a handful of writing errors in the dialogue. Other than that, however, it is a great and well crafted game with a lovely story. Had some great humor as well. Not many choices, but the story is told very well and was a delightful read!


Hello there, thank you for your kind words! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed playing Belong. 


Dylan is such a cutie love him <3


Thank you for your sweet comment~ he loves you too!


Where do I begin (.❛ ᴗ ❛.) The characters are so cute! Capriana's route hits close to home, as I too struggled with my identity at a young age. I love the writing and build up to each characters, and it did made me slight emotional ( ; ω ; ) and also William's route when? Lol. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it! ( ´ ω ` )


Hello, thank you for making my day with your kind comment hehe C|:3c


I love this game sm! but I also think the priest dad also needs some appreciation here lol, he's such a comforting character!

Hello, thank you so much for your kind words ^^


The character who lets you choose your route; man when he called me out on my second playthrough- I appreciate it, but don't point out my bad habits to me-


C|:3c Thanks for playing Belong and I hope you enjoy your 2nd playthrough!


Quick question before I make any decision about whether to download/play: Is this game aro/ace friendly? I really like the concept of visual novels, but I can almost never play them because they all require you to be romantic and/or sexual with other characters and it just makes me really uncomfortable. Can I get through this whole game with only platonic relationships?

Hello! Sorry for the late reply as I just saw this. I appreciate the interest in playing my Visual Novel, Belong! However, Belong is a dating sim VN and unfortunately there are no platonic routes, only 3 romantic routes (which progress from friendship to romance), so it may not be your cup of tea and that's alright :) I do plan to explore platonic relationships in the future games though! Thank you again for asking.


hi!! i know this is random but if you want to play a VN completely platonically you can download 'our life' by gb patch games! its free as well! 

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I really liked this though there are some spelling errors here and there, I liked all the routes especially Capriana's where she is performing the role of herself in the play, I liked the build-up of the events like it narrates her life, I would've loved a close-up sprite of Capriana like the others. Anyways after that special POV, I'm looking forward to the new game :3\

Btw may I ask on the part when choosing the routes, the letters in the world "Belong" relates to the characters right? I can't seem to figure out what the letters "ON" relates to Dylan and "G" relates to Flint. I only know Capriana's because I saw that she mentioned someone named BEL if I remember correctly. My only clue is the design of each letter, like BEL has glasses and a smile underneath, ON has a butterfly, and G has a Tape measure usually used for carpentry (?) correct me if I'm wrong.


Hi there, I'm glad you enjoyed playing Belong (all the routes too!) and thank you for the support <3

You got it! I basically just thought of ways for the letters to represent the characters ('bel' representing Carpiana's smiley face, 'on' representing Dylan's butterfly transformation and 'g' as tape measurement for Flint's handy works/nature) rather than linking the letters with significant meanings behind them. Hope it clarifies~

Oh thank you for clarifying it.

im back with another question! :'D, but I just finished the game!!! its so wonderful!!! I am wondering if there is an update on GP:V ??? made me very surprised, but I have not been able to find any other information! unless  it is not out, then you dont have to answer of course! I can wait :3

Awesome!!! You got all the stickers levyredfox ahhh congrats~ 

No further news on it for now 😉

This game was relaxing and Flint's route made me cry. I love his story the best. Good work, author. Thank you for making this. Flint is bae..

Hey Venus! Thank you so much for making my morning. Great to hear you enjoyed Belong! Flint is bae indeed~

I absolutely love this game. its one of the few good games I've played I ended up finishing the game in a few hours. my favorite character is Dylan his route just made me cry i still loved it though.


Dylan and his trusty roomba Bob love you too :')

Thank you so much for your kind words! Do give his route another try for his POVs btw~

I've finished Caprianas route and i think she is one of my other favorites she will never take Dylan's place though.

I'm happy to hear you gave Pria a try and enjoyed her route too uwuchan~ 😊💕

Hi hi!!! is there a soundtrack I can see? the music is wonderful and I would love to listen to it on the go :D
Also im almost done with collecting the stickers :D so exciting!!!!

Hello there, thank you for your sweet comment! You can refer to the game credits or this compiled credits list for your easy reference ^^ 

Happy to hear that you're enjoying Belong, I'm excited for you too!!!


hi! this might be a silly comment but! would it be alright if i made fanart of the characters? i really enjoyed the game and the characters have such great designs and lovable personalities, and i’d really love to show my appreciation!


Hi Nico, that's not a silly comment! Of course you can, thank you for asking~ I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the game and characters, really makes my day <3

When I tried opening it there was a message that said I couldn't open it because "The creator couldn't be verified" :(

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Hello there, thank you for wanting to play Belong~ Rest assured that the game is safe to play, and I suggest this guide on how to bypass it ^^ hope it helps!

Edit: checked with a macbook friend and it may be Mac just being really cautious because of an unknown developer. Ctrl+right click the app can bypass it too. Updated the guide link above!

It worked! Thank you so much! :D

Happy to help, hope you enjoy playing Belong!

I love this so much! I think I caught feels for Dylan haha...

Thank you and I'm sure Dylan is happy to hear that too 💕

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I have just finished all 3 routes and I would like to give my review.


Flint's route was the first one I had completed. His route is my second favorite. At the route selection screen, he had managed to catch my eye first. My first impressions of him were that he was a tsundere, shy person. Although, after getting deeper into his route, I noticed he was nothing like that at all. I remember my jaw dropping at him in a suit, haha. Overall, I love him. So much.


Dylan's route was the second one I had completed. After completing Flint's route, I kind of didn't want to do the other routes because I had felt I was "betraying" Flint in some way. Although, after I had told myself to suck it up, I did his route and wow was my heart overflowing with love. His cute and shy nature made me come, and his loving and caring personality made me stay. I also really enjoyed how we saw quite a bit more character development in Dylan's route than in Flint's, even in Summer. Overall, he is my favorite and I absolutely adore him.


Okay, I'll be honest here. Pria's route was the one I was least looking forward to because I was like, "She has so much energy, what a pain in the neck" but once I started her route, I realized that she wasn't so bad. As her route progressed, I felt myself getting genuinely worried for her, and I saw Pria as someone that I needed to take care of. I was not mentally ready for her to go missing, or for William to be serious, lol. During her performance as Alice, once she took off her wig, I seriously went "wig snatched" and then proceeded to laugh about it for the next 5 minutes. But anyway, I think her route was the most serious out of all of them. I still love her though.

If I had to rate this game out of 5, I'd give it a 10. The routes are lengthy and well-worded, the character designs are really nice, and the backstories you gave them were impacting enough on the player without having an "oH lEt'S mAkE tHeM aLl mEnTaLlY iLl" type feeling. Now I have a few questions, and I'm very sorry for the extremely long review.

-Will there ever be a William route?

-How long did this game take to make?

-Does the team have any social media I can follow?

-How/why is this game so good?

Sorry for making this review so long haha

With love, Kassidy ♥


Id love for a William route as welll, even though he boasts about being charming all the time he really is! They do have a twitter :) thier handle is @aflutterstudios


Thank you so much for your kind review! It made my day reading this and I finally have time to get back to you.

1. I do have something separate in mind for him and you can catch a sneak peek on what it is if you collected all the stickers in the latest build~

2. IIRC it took about 8 months for the first build and a few more months after the game's release for the love interests' POVS! You can find out more about the game development from the concept ebook!

3. Thanks Valencia for answering this! Twt @aflutterstudios

4. 💕 thank you I poured my heart and soul into this first game I made!



Hi! How are you? Sorry for bother.

I write you to ask your permission for translate this great game to spanish. I really love it! And I want that spanish speakers that don't know english can play it too. I will give you all the respect credits, don't worry about it. I'll be so glad if I can make the translation patch.

Thank you for reading, hope your prompt response. ♡


Hello Yomeiki!

Thank you for much for your inquiry, I would love to see your previous translations works first if you don't mind.

Also, thank you for playing Belong! I'm elated to see that you enjoyed the game so much that you wanted to make a translation patch for it. ♡

I just finished it.

art is very good. BGs, sprites, UI, everything is good-looking. very original main menu design. it's unusual that "character creation" question are not part of the same scene. But it's more natural this way. route selecting menu is very original idea

I realy like the plot. the begenning was a bit weird. It's unusual place to start a game. I relly enjoyed the story of the route I chose...

Capriana <3

Not gonna lie, I was intested in only her route. She is very adorable, cute and sweet. I like her style and personality. Very possitive and colorful person. Fun to be with and she has a deep bakcstory and complicated personality.

Great game ♥

Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear you enjoy our sunshine's route~

Do give her route another try to see her POVs BTW!

Just a typo heads up, you wrote ''bought to you'' instead of ''brought to you'' eheh


Oops! Thanks for the heads up~

no worries! :)

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hey developers of the game! Just wanna let u know that the game is really wonderful and that i don't mind replaying it again. But i have a question, how do you get the stickers? Been trying to figure it out but i seem to not get it after finishing the route. Also i cannot get the pov as well even though i finish the route all the way till the end.


Awesome to hear you're enjoying yourself notweit!

To view the POVs, simply replay the respective route that you have cleared the ending (seen the credits)! The stickers will appear along with the POVs.


Oh thank you! :3


I enjoyed this game :p but there is a small lack in the development of the MC but other than that I love it :) But but but but, where's the William route xD Nah in all seriousness its a pretty good game and I really enjoyed it :) With your permission though, I'd love to add William and Dylan to my cosplans list~


Haha, thank you for playing Belong. Glad that you enjoyed it!

Thanks for asking permission to cosplay too, go ahead. Can't wait to see them~

The part that sometime bothers me is I can't distinguish if it's intentional, a rush when in development phase, or lack comprehension regarding the branches of MC's personality, or "did I miss something while either playing slowly or skipping?". 

First, I have to come clean that I play favour in replaying Dylan's and ??? Route with many combinations of gender, appearance, and personality; and play Capriana's Route once only (so I don't know if my concern also happens there or not). Next, I sense that the personality options only affect largely in the Prologue before MC choose the Routes, but then be less significant (only appear as an inner monologue) even being similar and monotonous for traits that seems closer to each other. I don't know if this is one of "whatever your past quirk, you have to adapt and change your characteristic to maintain your relationship etc etc", but then let's take an example : the Sarcastic and Two-Faced traits may appears similar, BUT there will or can be likely a huge different when the traits take in action and choice. The Sarcastic MC would likely still be honest with their feelings and even has more snappy comment regarding a breakup, but Two-Faced MC would likely choose to be insincere of saying out loud their feelings, being that "No means Yes, and Yes means No" state of mind and the aftermath from choice of breakup wouldn't be as straightforward as the other characteristics. 

From there, I wonder if MC actually owns all the characteristic and the reader/player only state the most problematic or obviously perceived by others, then the chosen trait is quickly solved with a confension and talk with Vida; and when choosing a route, the traits are forced into one satisfying Canon characteristic.... and that's kind of a bummer :')

(Or I better have purchased the Concept Book first to comprehend the devs mindset to Belong before further commenting about the problem above ^^;)

I found errors, in which : (1) Capriana's sprite was missing for a moment after the choice of "Give Up" from trying to disillusion her, there was something like "Capriana's sarcastic smile not found" written at the top of the screen. (2) overlapping characters' sprite in ??? Route when they were in the bar upon their show success.

Anyway, The story of each routes have the balance between cute fluffy romance and its dramatic life problem, keep up the good work ^^

Hello there! Thank you for your feedback and especially for playing Belong on multiple playthroughs!

Regarding the personalities, I understand where you are coming from. 

The outcomes of MC making amends with Vida were to show their true self with their best friend, including their main flaws. However, ironically, I had written the prologue last. The main routes were written with traits in mind, rather than personalities which is a mix of traits.

For example, the two-faced personality's main flaws are callous and fickle while sarcastic personality is made of callous and another trait. Various scenes will check whether MC has certain traits and play out accordingly.

Thus, I understand that it felt like the traits felt fixed, rather than catered uniquely for each personality.

Originally, the MC had a fixed background and personality, but I decided to give various ones instead for the players to be able to self-insert themselves better. The different sets of personalities affects the plot minorly as to how the MC reacts. The love interests (LIs) will not dislike for who they are but what they do (the choices they make). 

Being my first game, I did not want to complicate the codes and writing so there wasn't any extension on MC's growth. My main focus was on the blooming friendship/relationship with the LIs. I apologise that this aspect has disappointed you and I will take this into consideration for my future games.

Thank you for the bugs report too, they will be amended in the next update ^u^.

Once again, thank you for playing Belong.

Ah, I see... 

Regarding it's your first published game and with those earlier ideas, it seems you were in roundabout way when developed Belong; in which the usual way is to polish the base of plot from Prologue first before continue to next part of the story. And the matter of dilemma about how to make the player feels self-insert, it would be better to provide your first original idea of MC than to be distracted to insert both of fixed MC's background and branched personalities at once without proper connection to the other chapter of the story. In brighter side, your main focus to MC and LI's interaction is paid off with the well-written narrations I read. (And pardon my nagging intrusion as who am I that can criticize like this while my own project is burning to be paid attention :'D)

Nonetheless, thanks for giving breath to this game and taking my commentary kindly. I look forward for your other project^^

This game has some really cute characters, and covers some topics that I thought were really interesting. Some improvements you could make are that the chapter title screens didn't stay on screen long enough to read (you could increase the time they're on the screen or edit it so you click to move on from the screen) and sometimes there were jumps in time in the story, but they didn't seem obvious and confused me a bit (maybe just a pop up of a black screen could indicate that there has been an advancement in time?). Otherwise for a free game it was really nice to play, thank you for making it! :)


Hello there! Thank you for playing Belong~

The transitions will be improvised for future updates & games, thank you for your feedback. :)

I loved playing this game! The stories were wonderful and I loved the ending :D

This is definitely one of my favorite games :)

Hello there~ Thank you for playing Belong and leaving a kind feedback.

Happy to hear that you have enjoyed playing and hope you have a nice day ahead~

I enjoyed this game a lot since I ended up laughing way too much than I intended too. I specially love ???'s route too just cause... Anyways, thank you for making this game and keep up the good work xD

(minor pick xD altho maybe it's just me. I kind of got startled way too may times when the character's suddenly zooms in xD it's like they keep jumping up to me and all that but anyways, it's really really minor. Once again, thank you for this game :D )

Hello Nian! Thank you for playing and enjoying Belong~

Oh! Sorry about that, I'll take note for future games and see what I can do. The characters didn't mean to spook you~

Hello back, Click :D Yes, I don't think they mean to do that xD it was just really surprising (maybe it's just me though since I focus more on the text than the characters while I'm reading that it surprised me when they seemed to jump at me all of a sudden). Anyways, thank you :D

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This game is short but really sweet <3 The characters were adorable and it was nice to see how they had both strengths and weaknesses, even the MC. ??? was my absolute favorite, he was super sweet and I wanted to give him a big, BIG hug ❣╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯❣ His route was the one I could connect with the most; the scene with the MC telling ??? about something their father told them in the past ("You are your own person before you are someone's child") was very touching and warmed my heart. It hit close to home in a way because I used to compare myself with my Dad and put myself down. I also personally loved the MC's chemistry with ??? the best and ???'s friendship with Will made me smile. The art was also very pretty, I loved the different expressions the characters had (???'s and Will's especially <3) and it was nice for the romance-able characters to get an extra outfit. The music was fitting and I liked the details of the sound effects since they helped you immerse yourself better in the story (≧∇≦)/

I hope you don't mind a little critique though: I sometimes felt like the transitions and music changed too abruptly and this made reading a bit distracting at certain points. Then, as regards the black sprites, I think they looked a bit unbalanced (I remember Jordan's sprite in particular was kinda big) in comparison to the main sprites which were beautifully drawn.

Overall, I really liked the game and look forward to more games from you!! <3 Good luck, I'm rooting for you!! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و

PS: I wish Will had a route too, he was very charming (●ฅ́дฅ̀●) But, of course, I understand it's not in your plans xD hehe.


Thank you for the kind review Karin! I'm glad you enjoyed Belong .╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯

I will take note of the music  and transition effects in my future games!

I do plan to do something with William but it shall remain a secret~


Thank you for playing Belong~ Glad you enjoyed it!


William needs a route! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make a route for William! I am BEGGING you! I have a lack of new free otome games in my life, and William is the character I want the most. PLEASE make a route for him!!! T-T 

(^∀^)ゞ Thank you playing Belong! 

Unfortunately, there are no plans for a romantic route for William. We seek your kind understanding.

Nevertheless, we hoped you enjoyed playing Belong.

I enjoyed playing your game! I took a quick peek at the game, but reading everyone's comments here definitely makes me want to go back on my own time and play it to completion. I made a video with my experiences. Keep up the great work!


Oh my it's our first youtube let's play! Thank you for trying our game out~ 

We hope you continue to enjoy Belong when you do.

Please do play at your own pace and remember to take breaks when needed. ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ

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Finally got my hands on this! First of all, let me congratulate the devs for a job well done at their first try! It was a short but definitely a sweet experience.

Not gonna spoil here for potential players, but I played ???'s route. I'm the type of player who isn't the completionist, so I'm not sure I'll be playing the other routes but that's only my personal preference and it doesn't have anything to do with the game's quality at all. Anyway!

It was a quick read for me, heart-tugging at some points and mostly funny enough to bring a smile to your face, it's the kind of game you'd want to play after a long day at school/work and you don't have enough mentality to go through horrendous mechanics and lore, but still want to give yourself a smile. I don't believe in fate, but we make our own endings and that's a message simply conveyed through such sweet storytelling. In addition to that, I also have a passion for theatre myself, so this was a heartwarming read. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and I would like to see more from this rising studio!


I appreciate your wonderful review, Hyesun ༼ಢ_ಢ༽.  Those heartwarming feelings are exactly what I want to evoke and I'm happy it got to you.

Thank you so much and I look forward to your works as well~

P.S. The next game may or may not feature about theatre again v( ̄∇ ̄))

Well, I know for a fact that I'll be looking forward to your next works regardless! I read this game after a long day at work, so it was a nice read before bed and I think anybody who'll enjoy it in the same fashion will feel the same. It's a really good first game!

Fighting and I'll be on the lookout for your next releases!


So I spent 3 hours playing the game going through all 3 routes. Now I gotta say THIS GAME IS SO AWESOME AND AMAZING! I fell in love with this right away. The characters, personalities of the characters, the storyline, the artwork, all the features were fantastic! I really enjoyed this visual novel. I hope there's more updates on the game or a part 2. Anyways, love the game! :D

Thank you so much for completing and loving the game ( • ̀ω•́  )✧ 

May I ask who is your favourite out of all of them~? 


To be honest, I would say Dylan. He's very shy, adorable and he's very good at painting. I like drawing and that kind of stuff too. I can relate to Dylan a lot.

Thank you for giving our dear make-up artist some love~ He appreciates it!

Hope you have a good day/night 💛.

Thank you! :)

I only played through one route properly, and went through the code for the rest because I wanted to see how the personality was handled and I think it was pretty neat how you divided the flaws into the two separate traits, though they didn't all seem obvious. 

The art is super cute and definitely my bias, but I found the music gave me a bit of a headache though I couldn't pin why. Maybe there was too much going on? 

Congrats on release! Coding was really clean, and it was interesting to see how things worked.

Everyone wants a William route, but where's my Vida route~? Aha. Looking forward to future releases.

(1 edit) (-2)

Thank you for playing Belong.

Legend says that if you look at people's hidden files without permission, a black, haunting figure named jordan will emerge and paint your whole face till you become one with your shadow.

On a serious note, please do not extract and look into Belong's assets. I did not give out any permission to do so. It is inconsiderate and hurtful. Imagine you have written a book about yourself, only for someone to read your diary and commenting about it directly in your face. 

Such invasion to one's privacy could not be excused nor soften with those words.

Please play the game, not break the game apart.

(1 edit)

My apologies, I didn't mean for it to feel that way! However, intentions are not the same as results, so it's still my bad.

 I was viewing the code the same way as the writing and the art, as an integral part of the released game, but I should have thought of it  more from your perspective and asked first.

Compliments still apply, and I do look forward  to any future releases. 

Thank you for your kind understanding and support ! \\٩( 'ω' )و ///

I've enjoyed playing through the routes with different personalities! It's a very cute and heartfelt game. If only I could read what William muttered...

Thank you so much for giving us a chance~ Which route is your favourite so far? 

(Psst, try looking at the History for what William said.)


What a heartwarming visual novel! I love all the small details, like the sound effects and the charming humor. I've only completed one route but I can't wait to explore the rest! All the characters I've met so far have their individual voices, can't wait to see future projects!

Thank you for giving us a chance <3 

Please enjoy the rest of the routes~